Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Favorite Artists A-Z


Realizing I’ve been rather neglectful of my blog over the past few months, posting infrequently, and then only with a quality that befits a stunted monkey, I’ve decided to force myself into making a greater effort to post here more often, but to also make sure that when I do post something, that  the information  is at least somewhat interesting and hopefully more digestible for the reader (much of my previous posts, with the exception of only a few, were rather simple and lacked any serious substance).
To that end, I’m now committing myself to a new series of posts I call “My Favorite Artists A-Z”, which, in alphabetical order, reviews various artists for whom I’ve developed an appreciation for during my years in exploring the fine arts.   While you will almost certainly already be familiar with some of the artists I post about in the series, I can also assure you many others will be introduced to you for the very first time. 

I’ve assigned one artist per letter of the alphabet, and hope to post one new artist on my blog each month.   It was so difficult to pare things down to just one artist per letter (“D” for example killed me), but I think in the end you’ll be pleased with those I finally did settle on.  If anything, I look forward to this project as being an investigative experience that allows me to become even more familiar with artists I already admire, but to also consider it an opportunity for sharing these Artists with you, the reader.  My hope is that in end I will have imparted you with at least some measure of enlightenment or appreciation for the selected artists and their work.

Expect my first installment (featuring the letter “A”) soon!